Welcome to Thinker Base, where we encourage you to learn about the Process Communication Model and then apply its techniques to your everyday life.

Our goal is to increase the quality of relationships, help build stronger teams, enhance leadership skills, and increase sales through communication training courses. We teach tangible tools to assess different personality types and how to communicate with them.

We do this by using the Process Communication Model (PCM) – the world’s premier tool for behavior-based communication. PCM is built upon the philosophy that training tools should be observable and measurable.

PCM is not a personality test, it is a tool that allows the user to engage with any personality type based on second-by-second interactions.

PCM is easy to learn, a lot of fun, and extremely effective!

Learning PCM with Thinker Base could mean taking a group workshop or enjoying one-on-one coaching to get hyper-focused on your communication skills. Our services are designed to maximize your communication potential to best help you improve your life.

The Process Communication Model has a long history of proven benefits to some very notable people and companies.

The techniques were first used by NASA to interview potential astronaut program candidates.

Bill Clinton won his presidential campaign using PCM tactics.

Disney employs two PCM trainers full-time to ensure their films are relatable to a wider audience – it’s why kids and adults alike love Disney movies!

The reason these influential people and organizations learn and use the Process Communication Model is simple: PCM is effective.

At Thinker Base, we love teaching the Process Communication Model because it actually helps people to improve their lives.

You’ll get the tools you need to better understand how the people in your life communicate. This provides you with the foundation you need to succeed. Find out more about us and our services, or book your free strategy session right now to get started.