1. 5 Keys to Managing Your Unhelpful Thoughts

    It never seems to fail. You’re trying to concentrate on your work, but your mind wanders off to a completely unrelated topic. Or your mind wanders off into a disaster scenario from a situation that may never happen. These are examples of unhelpful thoughts. Unhelpful thoughts can be distractions or they can be destructive. Neither are helpful. It is said that our minds process trillions of thoug…Read More

  2. 9 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Smile More

    Anyone can smile, but many people aren’t smiling as often as they should. I personally took to heart the idea of smiling for help so much, that I used to practice smiling in the mirror. This has helped me tremendously in sales jobs, customer service jobs, running a business, and even interacting with friends and family.  Smiling can do a lot for you, and it feels great, too. Think of all the pe…Read More