Have you ever felt like people just don’t understand what you’re trying to say? Whether it’s your boss, your partner, or your kids… sometimes we just can’t see eye-to-eye in our conversations. It’s normal! But that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything about it. There are easy ways that we can learn to communicate effectively with PCM, the Process Communication Model.

This method will help you to become more aware of your own communication techniques and then teach you to more effectively communicate with everyone around you.

Through workshops or one-on-one training with a professional communication coach, you can prevent those moments of confusion and frustration for the rest of your life.

What is PCM?

PCM, or the Process Communication Model, is the world’s leading behavior-based communication model.

This isn’t a personality test that will tell you the letters of your personality: ISTJ or ENFP or any other combination of characters.

Instead, it’s a behavioral model. PCM identifies your communication preferences based on your behaviors. These preferences show how we convey our thoughts, feelings, and opinions. They also indicate how we best receive the thoughts, feelings, and opinions of others.

That’s why it’s so crucial to not only become self-aware and to understand our own communication preferences, but to also better understand how others choose to communicate so that we can more effectively reach common ground.

The PCM model has been used since the 1970s by millions of people around the world. Large companies like IBM, Apple, Coca-Cola, and even NASA all use PCM in their work.

PCM training has helped politicians like Bill and Hillary Clinton. It’s helped teachers like MUSE School Co-Founder and President, Rebecca Amis, and doctors like retired Lead Psychologist for NASA’s Manned Space Flight, Dr. Terry McGuire.

Dr. McGuire understood the value of PCM when he brought Dr. Taibi Kahler to NASA in the late 1970s. Dr. Kahler had spent years developing the Process Communication Model. His efforts paid off at NASA. Dr. McGuire would spend hours evaluating a potential astronaut before reaching his conclusions – Dr. Kahler required only a few minutes to reach the same conclusions using PCM.

That efficiency and the ability to immediately understand a person’s communication behaviors have proven time and again to be beneficial to all who learn PCM.

You can read more about NASA’s use of PCM in this Quartz article:

PCM is about understanding your perceptual language – the pieces of us which process information and content that has been communicated to us.

Through learning these different languages that we all speak, we can communicate effectively by individualizing our interactions to cater to another person’s communication preferences.

Many people already intuitively use some PCM tools on a daily basis. That’s because PCM was developed by watching people – nothing was made up in a laboratory.

PCM gives you the ability to effectively identify and interact with people the same way you might be able to occasionally do intuitively.

Anyone can use these PCM tools without any special talents – just the training to identify, to understand, and to implement them.

Learn to Communicate Effectively with PCM

Learning to communicate effectively is entirely possible. Thinker Base offers group workshops as well as one-on-one coaching so you can learn more about your own communication preferences and then learn to communicate effectively with others.

In group workshops, we can utilize the diversity of the group for demonstration scenarios. We work together to identify the various communication preferences of those around us, and then begin to utilize the tools we learn to more effectively communicate with each one of those preference styles.

One-on-one coaching allows a trainer to customize your learning to work through any specific trouble areas you might have. If you prefer learning at your own pace and taking the time to reflect on new information to absorb its impact, this style of coaching might be better for you.

The purpose of all of these learning options is to maximize the benefits of PCM training for your daily life. These techniques aren’t just for supervisors to learn to give direction better, nor does PCM only help couples to more effectively avoid or resolve conflicts.

The Process Communication Model benefits everyone in every interaction with others.

Simply put, once you learn these techniques and become adept at implementing them, you will find every single interaction with another person to be easier.

You’ll likely experience fewer conflicts and misunderstandings, all while increasing your own potential at work and the productivity of everyone around you.

It’s a win-win!

If you think these methods can benefit you, Thinker Base can provide all the training you might want. From employee workshops to personalized coaching, we offer an entire spectrum of resources catered to you.

The opportunities are as endless as your own imagination.

Why Choose Thinker Base

Thinker Base was created to help as many people as possible. This may seem idealistic, but it’s true. Having learned PCM and experiencing how it has changed our lives, we know the impact this can have on you.

The first step in beginning to understand PCM and how these communication tools can help you is practicing self-awareness. Becoming more aware of your own communication preferences will enable you to better understand others’. We explain this concept more in-depth in this article.

At Thinker Base, we provide a service to train you on how to use PCM. You can find all of the materials that are taught in the classes for free online, but just like with any textbook, you are missing out on the knowledge and experience of the teacher.

Learning the Process Communication Model helps companies, families, teachers – truly, everyone – to learn to communicate effectively.

Just think of the opportunities ahead of you if you remove any barriers to communicating with others.

No fighting with your spouse, no frustration with your boss, no need to avoid certain social settings because you just can’t mesh with those people.

Our goal at Thinker Base is to not only demonstrate these PCM tools for you but to ensure that you maximize their potential for your own benefit. We want you to truly improve your life.

PCM is the ultimate self-awareness and communication model. It has and will continue to change the world.

Learn About the Process Communication Model

The Process Communication Model® is designed to significantly enhance the quality of life. The model can be utilized in so many different areas, including: motivation, conflict resolution, and learning how second by second, interaction by interaction an employee, colleague, family member or friend can be motivated to be the very best they can possibly be.


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