1. 7 Strategies for Making Mindfulness a Way of Life

    Mindfulness is a popular subject these days; and while it helps unveil many of our personal virtues, there’s a lack of information on how to effectively make mindfulness a part of our life experience. Simply said, mindfulness is being conscious and aware of the present moment.  Oxford Dictionary defines mindfulness as, “A mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment…Read More

  2. Be a Better Leader with PCM

    Leadership is not a stagnant position – leaders are ever-evolving and require consistent growth to maintain and to improve that position. With all the courses you can take and the teachers you can listen to, leadership skills can be honed in many ways. But you can not only be a better leader with PCM, you can also improve your ability to positively interact with everyone in your life. What is PC…Read More

  3. Use Mental Toughness in Communication

    Like so many aspects of our daily lives, communication is a state of mind. Nothing outside of you can control you or make you feel, think, or act a certain way. When emotions or thoughts amplify negative feelings - such as being attacked, misunderstood, or undervalued - that means you have to use mental toughness in communication to ensure you are effectively communicating. That's not to say that …Read More